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Bad Credit Loans

Banks check credit history of every applicant prior of deciding loan application.

Banks look at applicant’s credit file and credit score to determine whether or not an applicant is a good credit or credit risk. Most mainstream Banks have fairly stringent criteria when it comes to the borrowers they’ll accept, but private lenders specialise in borrowers who sit outside these criteria.

Bad credit loans allow applicant to secure finance even applicants have had some negative marks on your credit history. Lenders who deal in these loans typically take a more hands-on approach to assessing your credit file, and take into account the circumstances that led to poor credit history. However, be aware that these loans often carry higher interest rates, risk fee and other fees.

Non Genuine Saving

There is a fine line in between genuine and non genuine saving as required by banks.

Such as a gift is non genuine saving but if gift amount is deposited in bank account for three months is considered as genuine saving.

Even if you haven’t been able to save a little every month, it is still possible to have a deposit from what are called non-genuine savings. These are sums of money that may have been gifted to you or received as a lump sum from a transaction, but have not been genuinely saved over time. Such as non refundable gift received, sold your car etc. are all considered non-genuine savings.

Non-genuine savings can include:

  • Gifts and inheritance
  • Equity in an existing property
  • Tax refunds
  • Bonuses
  • Sale of an asset
  • Sale of shares
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